How can we help?

We are happy to christen your baby or take your wedding, and are privileged to be with many bereaved families over a funeral. For funerals, the first approach is usually through a funeral director – ask them for a minister from St Peter’s. (You can have the church as well, if you wish.)


What else do we do?

Couples who are about to get married often enjoy 2 or 3 sessions of Marriage preparation, a chance to think together about what to expect, how they communicate with each other, and what the church service means that’s special. Ask about it when you book your wedding.

Each November, we invite recently bereaved families to a Memorial Service, a chance to light a candle and remember those we love but see no longer. The church is always full, and it’s a moving and helpful occasion.

Our graveyard is now closed, except for family plots where there is still space. But we have a small garden of remembrance, planted with roses, where cremated ashes can be scattered. There isn’t space for a memorial plaque, so instead we have a book of remembrance where the person’s name, dates and a short message can be inscribed. The book is on display at the Memorial Service each November, and can be seen at other times on request.

If you want somewhere to hold your meeting, activity or social event, why not book the St Peter’s Community Hall? It has a Kitchen and full disabled access toilet facilities.

Contact us or come to see us.

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