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We are called to serve
St Peter’s Church has been in Braunstone since 1168, and we hope to be there for many years to come. But Braunstone is a very different place from the farming village of 800 (or even 100) years ago. Most Braunstone residents of today don’t have a lot of money, and we are called by God to serve especially those who are poor. In order to serve our community of 14,000 people and point them towards the love of Christ, we have to learn new ways of operating – and to resource these we need help: financial, expertise and energy.

Photo: Gallards Hill, in the Braunstone Estate

Gallards Hill, in the Braunstone Estate

Old friends and new
We’ve recently met or heard from people who used to attend St Peter’s – some former choirboys and ex-Sunday School pupils –  people who remember the St Peter’s of old, and people who want to share in the mission of St Peter’s today.  Do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Photo: St Peter's Choir in open-air procession

St Peter’s Choir in open-air procession

Financial needs
Then there’s an opportunity to help St Peter’s by your financial gifts. We are struggling to pay our regular bills, and keeping up a Norman building costs even more money.

However, we managed to raise about £80,000 to repair our roof, with a large grant from English Heritage and some dedicated local fundraising. We also renovated our car park – neglected and scruffy for many years.  Now it’s time to make good the damage done by water coming through the gaps in the roof, and to upgrade our toilets and storage space for use in the 21st century.  We also need resources to pay for our administrator (4 hours a week, and we couldn’t do without her!) and to upgrade our projector and screen.  Can you help?

Make your gift tax-efficient
If you live in the UK and pay income tax, you can gift-aid any donation you make. (Please download the form, print and fill it in, then send it back to us.) Many thanks for anything you can do to help us.

Other kinds of support
St Peter’s people are a gifted lot – more gifted than we often realise – but we can always use more help.  Would you be willing to pray for us?  Do you have specialist expertise (for instance, with raising and looking after funds) that you could offer us?  If so, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re in the Leicester area any time, please get in touch, and we’ll show you round!

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