Mission Action Plan Update – September 2009

The Leadership Team and Parochial Church Council (PCC) have reviewed our Mission Action Plan, and this is the result – it’s also on a poster in the Church Hall.

1 – Empowering Our People

Review of Giving (done in September)
Convene Pastoral Care Group
Midweek Bible Study Group (September – then Advent)
Training for Readers and Intercessors

2 – Making New Disciples

Christian Basics Group (October/November)
Sunday School: leaders strengthening
Events team
Website team
Invite new people to events
Teenagers group

3 – Serving The Community

Pick up on Chris’ work, with a view to making it our own:
Community Relations Group
Recruit people to Residents Network/Play Project
Confront injustice, prejudice

Other priorities

Now we’ve done it, we need to decide what comes first. In the meantime, a couple of other priorities have pushed themselves into the list –
(a) We’ve had our 5-yearly inspection of the church building, and there’s a list of jobs to do!
(b) One of them is the church car park, which needs resurfacing and lighting, then marked bays for disabled drivers. It’s a job we’ve been putting off for years – perhaps now’s the time to get on with it?

Watch this space!

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