Financial Situation at St Peter’s

Here is a letter sent by the vicar Chris Burch to all the members of St Peter’s on 8th December 2006.

Dear Friend

St Peter’s Financial Situation

At our PCC in November Pat Ward (treasurer) told us that we would not be able to pay our full Parish Share this year – just as bad, we would not be able to meet our commitment to give 1/10 of our ordinary income to our three mission charities. Since then I have met with Pat, and together we met with the Standing Committee.

We reckon we’ll get in some £1400 before the end of the year. There’s £400 in the bank, and about £1000 in the CBF Reserve Fund, which we’ve been dipping into when we’ve been short. That makes £2800 approx – but the Reserve Fund will then be empty.

There’s over £1800 to pay out in bills, plus £3386 in remaining Parish Share, and just over £2000 in mission giving. That comes to just over £7200, which we can’t pay!

We’ve decided to do three things:
• We must pay the bills, and whatever we have left we will divide in 3 and give to our 3 mission charities, so that they get at least something (though not as much as we promised). So far we’ve given them nothing, whereas we’ve paid most of the Parish Share.
• We are letting the Diocese know our situation. They can’t bail us out, but they have a right to know, as the Parish Share goes to pay the clergy and other costs. (They are sympathetic – they know we haven’t been wasting money, and they know we’re not a rich parish.)
• Finally, we are asking you, the members of St Peter’s, to consider putting your church on your Christmas list and giving a present to help us meet our obligations. Could you give just one Christmas card to your fellow-members of St Peter’s this year, and enclose a gift in it?

Then there’s next year’s bills – but that’s for next year! Meanwhile, let’s have a good and generous Christmas, and trust God to meet all our needs.

Yours sincerely
Chris Burch

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