Thanksgiving Sunday – 8th October 2006

On 8th October the annual ‘Thanksgiving’ festival took place at St. Peter’s; this was followed by a special lunch and creative activities in the afternoon.

Photo of everyone eating lunch round tables in the hall

Everyone in the hall eating lunch together

At this Eucharist service we in Braunstone formally offer our thanks to God for the things the community has received and produced; for the food we eat and its harvesting, for our contribution to the world’s wellbeing and for things we create. People also brought in food to celebrate the harvest, which was subsequently taken to the Welcome project for distribution amongst those refugees and asylum seekers in Leicester who are destitute.

Photo of the communion table with examples of what we'd made during the day laid on it

The communion table with examples of what we’d made during the day

After the service, over a welcome cup of coffee, the St Peter’s, Braunstone website was officially launched with an informative talk and demonstration from the Vicar and Martin Burch, who did all the technical and development work.

Photo of people making bread

Making bread together

After an enjoyable and filling lunch, many of us spent a relaxing afternoon taking part in several creative activities. We had Bread making available as well as candle making, card making, making tapestry crosses.

The day was brought together with a short service of Offering and Thanksgiving and people left the building tired but uplifted.

Four photos of different people making different things with their hands

Making things with our hands: candle making, card making, tapestry crosses.

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