Church Field Processions 1948 and 2004

Braunstone had seen itself as a farming village, and throughout the 1940s and 50s St Peter’s would pray for God’s blessing on the crops every Rogation Sunday (usually in May).
Now that the farms have all gone, Braunstone is an urban estate that is concerned for its history and environment. When Church Field (an ancient meadow, full of rare species of grass) was restored and upgraded with local involvement and grants from outside agencies, local people joined St Peter’s to bless the field and pray for its peace. (A little girl had been murdered there in the 1970s.)

Black and white photo of the procession across church field, led by the Vicar

On Rogation Sunday 1948, processing around the farms and across Church Field.

Photo of the procession across church field at the re-opening in 2004, led by the Vicar

Re-opening Church Field in 2004, recreating the Rogation procession.

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