West Leicester Mission Partnership Safari

On 3rd August our intrepid parishioners from the five churches from West Leicester Mission Partnership embarked on their ‘safari’.

The route started at 10.00am – 11.00am at St Paul and St Augustine’s in their worship centre.Their prime location decorated with yellow balloons and ribbons really made an impact on Saturday shoppers going into town. Some’Safarians’ had arrived from far flung Leicester Forest East after staying with friends overnight. Others had caught buses and some explorers had already walked from St Peter’s, Braunstone. A good shuttle service was also on offer for those who needed transport. Already people were enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, some meeting long lost friends and some making new friendships over their morning coffee and biscuits. What a good start to the day!

At St Paul's and St Augustine's

At St Paul’s and St Augustine’s

On with the journey to Church of the Martyrs for mouth-watering morning pastries and more tea and coffee served from 11.00 – 12.00noon. Westcotes Drive looked a picture with the railings festooned with yet more yellow ribbons and balloons! Some people had not been inside this church before and were given a bit of a tour round. The tables were decorated with flowers in yes, yellow – of all colours! The notice boards and activities on offer were duly noted for future reference. Everyone seemed to be settling in to the safari and many decided that they would complete the course.


At Church of the Martyrs

At Church of the Martyrs

A short sprint took us to Holy Apostles where lunch was served from 12.00 – 1.00pm. The decorations were so appealing that the balloons, yes the yellow ones, soon found new owners! Again the Church and the group photo shoot drew attention and interest from pedestrians and drivers at the busy cross roads. The lunch was very appetising and the opportunity to sit and chat was welcome. It was good to see new faces and to be introduced to the youngest member of the safari.

At Holy Apostles

At Holy Apostles

Well now the challenge began – who was going to make the trek to St Peter’s on foot? Well a good number set off, refreshed by their lunch and wanting to walk up an appetite for their pudding between 1.30 – 2.30pm. Someone, who shall remain nameless, set off in the car and got lost but just managed to arrive before the last of the delicious puddings had disappeared! St Peter’s welcomed us all and some said how much they enjoyed feeling a part of the partnership between churches and how pleased they were that so many had made the effort to get there.

At St Peter's

At St Peter’s

Now the walk across the park on such a beautiful day was a real pleasure for some who, though slightly daunted by the hill, managed to reach St Anne’s at 3.00pm ready for afternoon tea and cakes. Once again the ribbons tied around the ‘old oak’ trees in true Tony Blackburn fashion looked very festive in the garden.

Munching cake seemed to be a very good way to sit and reflect upon the day’s event and to ‘promise to keep in touch’ with each other. One lady knew of St Anne’s because her grandchildren, again from Leicester Forest East, attend ‘Messy Church’ – ‘aye it’s a small world!’

At St Anne's

At St Anne’s


To mix and mingle with fresh faces from neighbouring parishes in a relaxed and informal way is part of what this church safari is all about and the thirty – forty people at each church certainly made the most of this opportunity, so let’s do it again sometime!!!


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