A special day for Stacey and Susan

We were pleased to welcome Bishop Tim to St Peters to baptise Susan and confirm Susan and Stacey.

The Bishop and candidates

They made their confession of faith…

Stacey and Susan confess their faith

and Stacey lit the Easter Candle to remind us that it is Christ’s light that shines on us.

Stacey lights the Easter candle

Then Sue was marked with the cross…

Sue is marked with the cross

and baptised.

Sue is baptised

Following a prayer for them both, which the whole congregation shared,

We pray for them both

the Bishop then confirmed Susan

Susan's confirmation

and Stacey.

Stacey's confirmation

We then welcomed them both in prayer and applause.

The congregation welcome them

At the close of the service they were presented with a lighted candle and we were all sent out to shine with the light of Christ.

Holding their candles

There followed a buffet lunch, with plenty to enjoy

The lunch

including a cake baked by our expert,

Stacey's cake

and a chance to chat with family and friends.

Stacey and family

Sue with Janet

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