Hand Avenue – The Great Divide

There was a time when Hand Avenue was a road with a wide swathe of grass, dividing the houses facing each other. Children could play safely from one end of the avenue to the other on this field. Now, the Braunstone Way with hedges divides Hand Avenue in two.

Braunstone Lane had become congested with heavy lorries and juggernauts.
A bypass was needed.
Plans were presented to the public.
Two houses on Braunstone Lane, facing the start of Hand Avenue, were to be
demolished to make way for a huge roundabout.
A ground level road was to be built along the grass of Hand Avenue, leading off the
The only compensation offered for the demolition of the houses was ground value.
There was a public protest. It was a pea-soup foggy night, when protesters went to
see the plans and sign protest petitions. All of Braunstone seemed to have turned
out that night, even if they could not see where they were walking. Driving was
impossible in the fog.
The demolition of the houses did not take place. Nor did the ground level road through Hand Avenue get built.
The demolition may have been a ‘red herring’ to divert the public as to what really
was to happen.
Hand Avenue was carved in half.
The underpass of Braunstone Way / Lubbesthorpe Way was excavated. The road
cut through the countryside of Blaby District as well, but it did not cause such
devastation as it did to the residents of Hand Avenue.
Protests were to no avail. The road went through, changing not only the landscape,
but the lives of the people living there.

Who knows the year that this happened?
Who has any memories, or anecdotes of the event?
Has anyone any photos of Hand Avenue before this happened?
There was a lot of publicity with the media at the time. Has anyone kept any press
Who remembers what life was like on Hand Avenue, as it used to be?

This momentous event is important in the life of North Braunstone. It is your Estate.
Please send any stories, press cuttings or pictures, reaction, thoughts, anything at all to the Website Task Group.

Sandra Zastawny

This entry is dated Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 at 9.21pm and is filed under News.

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