St Peter’s in the Autumn

Chris Burch writes –

I was sent this poem by Brian John Stone, whom I met at Braunstone FoodShare.  What do you think?  Are there any more poets out there??


st. peters

in autumns wash of color

there are bare blots of canvas

among the branches


an unfinished picture


that natures palette knife will

continue to scrape away

leaving skeletons in the firs

as annual reminders of age and death


the fingers of plane trees

encircle a smidgeon of island




out there with fallen scoops of beechmast


and in the graveyard lie

past churchwardens

and the village schoolmistress

former times recalled in dates of stone


their particular environs

reduced now to parkland

and small oases of grass


glimpses of the pastoral

where a weathervane glances

at the mid-october sun

Brian John Stone

(Oct. 2009)

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