Hay Sunday at St Peter’s

Hay Sunday

Mrs Lippett spreading the hay in church
on Hay Sunday 1946

Many years ago there was marsh land between Braunstone and Aylestone villages. The Squire of Aylestone had a daughter and she got lost; the verger of Braunstone found her in the marshes and took her home. The Squire was so grateful he gave the verger of Braunstone a field of hay and, having pigs and a cow to keep through the winter, it was most useful. (Most people kept those sort of animals in those days.) He put the hay in church to be blessed first, and every last Sunday in June we used to do the same. The field is still there and the gasometer stands on it. I believe the gas works pays so much each year to the Verger of Braunstone, as the Squire of Aylestone said the hay giving was to go on more or less for ever, but the verger would not want a field of hay nowadays.

Rosemary Bateman

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