Count your blessings…

Some of the harvest display

Some of the harvest display

…was the theme of our Harvest Celebration. We were reminded of all the things that are good in our lives – the love of our friends and family and the wonderful variety of food in our supermarkets, among others – and we gave thanks to God. The children learned about how Christian Aid was helping people in India who farm honey from  wild bees.

Sunday School

The children tell us about bees

After the service it was time to enjoy some of God’s goodness in our harvest meal. A magnificent spread was enjoyed by all!

Getting dinner

Serving ourselves from the wonderful food spread



Enjoying the meal


In the afternoon we shared some workshops. While some were making bread…

Making bread

Bread-makers at work

…others were making key rings.


Key-ring mking

Key-making – older…


..and younger


Key-ring making

Cutting-out the key-ring design

The more sedate were busy sewing.


Busy sewing

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