“Friends of St Peter’s” Launches Appeal

The Friends of St Peter’s have just launched their appeal – for funds to help the church continue to pay its Administrator.

When Chris Burch was Area Dean, the diocese provided funds for 8 hours a week of admin time, which helped release Chris to spend more time round the parishes of the City Deanery. Now he has handed over that extra responsibility, and the transitional grant (kindly provided again by the diocese) runs out at the end of 2010. But the Administrator (Rosemary Nicholls) is so good, we can’t do without her!

Chris Burch writes in the Appeal letter – “We estimate that we need £2400 a year to continue to pay our administrator. As well as taking notes at some meetings, she keeps our baptism, wedding and funeral records straight, types our invoices and correspondence, and produces our weekly Welcome Sheet. We would like her to produce an annual Newsletter for you the Friends – a promise we made two years ago, and haven’t kept through lack of capacity!
Twenty standing orders of £10 per month would bring us the £2400 we’re aiming for. Gift Aid would enhance them by between 20% and 30%.”

If you know of anyone who’d like to subscribe, please contact Chris Burch in the first instance. We already have two subscribers at £10 a month – only 18 to go!

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