What’s Church About?

  • People belong to the church because they believe Jesus is the most important person in the world.  But people come to church for many reasons – to look for friendships or spiritual roots, or because they’re not sure but want to find out more.
  • We believe Jesus was born and brought up in Palestine, about 2,000 years ago.  He accepted people, he healed their hurts, he forgave their wrongs.  He taught and practised love for enemies as well as friends.
  • Jesus challenged people to a radical trust in God, who he called his Father.  And he promised that God would give his followers the Holy Spirit, also called the Spirit of God or the Spirit of Jesus.
  • Jesus inspired love and devotion in his followers, but fear and jealousy in the establishment, who hated him and persuaded the Roman occupying power to kill him.
  • Jesus was executed by being crucified (nailed to a cross) but 2 days later the tomb where he was buried was empty, and he was seen alive by his followers.
  • They worshipped him as God’s Son, the one who has defeated evil and death, and Christians have worshipped Jesus ever since.
  • Jesus’ followers were soon filled with extraordinary courage, which they put down to the gift of the Holy Spirit.  And they took Jesus’ story and lifestyle all over the known world.  They “turned the world upside down” (in the words of their enemies) and it’s never been the same since.
  • 2,000 years later, we dare to believe in the same Jesus.  We worship him, we learn from his teaching and try to live out his values – in particular, we try to accept all people however different, we aim to forgive those who wrong us (as God forgives us), and we help each other to trust God more fully.
  • We believe God loves our local community of Braunstone, so we get involved in its activities and events, its joy and its pain.  We hope, with God’s help, to make our world a better place.
  • At St Peter’s we’re not experts at putting over the message, nor are we perfect Christians.  But we are real – and the best way to see what we’re like is to come and meet us.

Chris Burch.

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