Good Friday

On this day we remember Jesus’ death on the Cross.
Many people come together in the city centre, for “Christ in the Centre”.
For those who find that difficult, we have one or two ideas…

10am Children’s Activity
In the morning we’re inviting children to come and help make an Easter Garden.

11.15am Hot Cross Buns
Then there will be a space for a drink and a bun, followed by…

Short service at 12 noon
Traditionally, the three hours between 12 noon and 3pm are kept as the three hours of darkness, when Jesus struggled to defeat the forces of evil. We will begin this time with a short service, then continue in silence. Come and go as you please – pray quietly, think about people or situations on your mind, and offer them to the crucified Lord…
Richard Atkinson will be with us for the 12 o’clock service, and will lead brief meditations every so often during the silence, finishing at 3pm.

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