An affordable and VERY special wedding

In the UK on average couples spend £20,000 on their wedding. In 2008 St Peter’s summer fayre was on the theme of affordable weddings. It was our way of saying “you don’t have to spend £1000’s to get married”.

Now in 2009 St Peter’s is celebrating its’ own affordable wedding. This wedding is very special indeed. The happy couple are getting married on Saturday 30th May. They escaped to this country from a war-torn African country and don’t have any family here. One of them is an asylum seeker – and they don’t have permission from the Home Office to stay so could get deported at any time. They have two very young daughters, both born in England. The family have been regular worshippers at St Peter’s for over a year so when a wedding was mentioned, and we realised the couple could never afford a wedding without a lot of help, we decided to rally round.

An appeal was put out both locally and on the Diocesan website and offers flooded in both from church members, friends and even people who have never met us or the couple. So we have rings, cake, flowers, photography and even shoes all donated by generous kind folk who are showing their welcome and love for this African couple. We’ve even had donations of money which has enabled us to go to Oxfam for the wedding clothes (Leicester’s Oxfam has a special wedding department where most of the bridal wear is first-hand donated by firms from the previous years’ fashions). The money donated is almost exactly what we’ve needed. Of course, the hospitality team have arranged a sumptuous wedding breakfast – everyone’s bringing something to eat. And the PCC and organist have waived the fees to help too.

All this practical love in action has brought about a few tears too – the bride-to-be says she and her fiance have been overwhelmed with gratitude for the help and support they are receiving. They say that, although they have lost their family in Africa and can never return, St Peter’s Church is their new adopted family. Watch this space for the photos of the wedding day!

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