Celebration of our new parish – and our new roof!

The Archdeacon of Leicester (the Ven Richard Atkinson) is coming to St Peter’s on March 1st at 10am to celebrate some milestones in our history, and to make us legal!

Induction of Vicar
Now we are a proper parish (and no longer a “conventional district”) we have a proper vicar, no longer a priest-in-charge. And Richard will carry out the formal ceremony of “inducting” Chris Burch to the legal position of vicar.
The only real difference is that Chris will become harder to sack – but as he has no intention of upsetting the Bishop that badly, it makes little difference!

Recognition of Leadership Team
For about a year St Peter’s has had a Leadership Team, which has met monthly to share the vision and direction of the church with Chris and the other staff. Now Richard is going to give it the stamp of official approval from Leicester Diocese.

New parish – new roof
By then the roof will have been fully repaired, and we hope to invite the architect and contractors to come and celebrate with us. And becoming a new parish after 7 years is a good reason for a celebration – not to mention a party afterwards! Everyone is invited…

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