Half term with Kidstuff St Peter’s

Kidstuff had a busy and active half term. It began on Monday afternoon with a trip out to Bradgate Park where we ran up to Old John and we got rubbings from the trees, logs, leaves, rock, and stones and we collected fallen leaves and acorns, sticks to use with our artwork later in the week. The day finished with hot chocolate and marshmallows at the minibus.

On Tuesday we began to create pictures by printing with some of the leaves and twigs we had collected. After a lunch of homemade pizza we then created some large pictures with black and white paint using Bradgate and St Peter’s as inspiration. At the Wednesday session, Mandeep Dhadialla, the Community Artist showed us some butterflies and bugs from the Leicestershire museum service and we created some painted some very colourful bugs. The afternoon was spent making clay models and tiles, again using Bradgate and Braunstone as inspiration. Using some of the photographs we had taken at Bradgate we created a t-shirts. On Friday afternoon everyone who took part was presented with a certificate of achievement and a t-shirt.

The week allowed space for local children to stimulate their imaginations through play in the natural environment and express themselves in the art and craft they created.

Thank you to all the volunteers, staff and children who helped create an enjoyable week and a special thank you to Mandeep our artist, who gave us so many ideas

Photo: Playing in Bradgate Park

Playing in Bradgate Park

Photo: Doing rubbings at Bradgate

Doing rubbings at Bradgate

Photo: Hiding in the bracken at Bradgate Park

Hiding in the bracken at Bradgate Park

Photo: Connely and his bug

Connely and his bug

Photo: Eating homemade pizza

Eating homemade pizza

Photo: Some clay models and print picture

Some clay models and print picture

Photo: Modeling the t-shirts

Modeling the t-shirts

Photo: The big collage

The big collage

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