Indian Family Meets Coal Mining Museum

The family of Suresh Kumar, Associate Priest at St Peter’s, have come to the UK for a 2 week visit.
(From left to right and back to front – Nephew Marvin and son Vivian, Sister-in-law Daisy and daughter Sharon, nephew Alan and Suresh himself.)

Photo: Suresh and family outside St Peter's Vicarage

Suresh and family outside St Peter’s Vicarage

They spent a fascinated Saturday morning visiting the Discovery Park and Mining Museum at Snibston, near Coalville. Three of the party are students, two of them engineering students. So the glimpse of an earlier technology was especially interesting to them.

Photo: Outside the Snibston Discovery Museum

Outside the Snibston Discovery Museum

Later in the day they went on to look into the future at the Space Centre in Leicester. Suresh’s wife Mercy wasn’t able to come on this visit, but we look forward to meeting her later in the year.

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