The Braunstone Cross makes its bow!

Photo: The Braunstone Cross

The Braunstone Cross

this image is copyright (c) 2007 St Peter’s Braunstone PCC

The Braunstone Cross has made its first public appearance at Leicester Cathedral on Wednesday 24th October, at the Regeneration & Culture event “Our Space” at 7.30pm. It impressed everyone who saw it, from the Bishop of Leicester, Tim Stevens, onwards.

The complex image was made up of hundreds of photos, telling the story of Braunstone life – its joys and sorrows – and put together by graphic artist Jonathan Burch (yes, the nephew of our vicar, who is studying graphic design at Loughborough University).

If you study the photos at close range you will see that some of them have a shadow over them. Stand further back, and you will see that the shadow is the shape of the crucified Christ, hanging on the Cross and present in all of our community life. In the image above, the shadow has been emphasised to make it easier to see. This same image will be used on our St Peter’s Prayer cards.

The Braunstone Cross has wowed people who’ve seen it – from RAL Displays who made the banner and printed the image on it, to Paddy McCullough, Braunstone Community Worker who supplied many of the photos we used. If you get the chance, come and see it – this photo doesn’t do it justice!

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