The Kimbers

photo of Geoff and Gill Kimber

The Revs Geoff and Gill Kimber are working with the Church Mission Society (CMS) in Romania, teaching English and Theology and forming links with the different churches there. (Under the former Communist regime, the Orthodox and Protestant churches were played off against each other, leaving a sad residue of suspicion which hinders their mission.)

After a successful visit last year to St Peter’s, Geoff and Gill continued their break and returned to Romania in January this year. On finding new accommodation they settled down to work, and renewed their contact with us through the internet.

Their newsletter comes regularly from CMS and is put up on the church noticeboard. They are always interested in what is happing with St Peter’s: this summer I sent out a newsletter and pictures of our Armada weekend and told them a bit about the Discovery course. They have asked for more information on this, and are always pleased to hear from us.

In return they ask us to pray for them in their work. The Cross of Nails that Chris Burch presented from Coventry Cathedral to a project in Sibiu (in July 1996), was re-presented on the 23rd September 2006 by Bishop Colin from Coventry to the new Centre for Ecumenical Research. Because Bishop Colin was there, the Orthodox and Lutheran Bishops also attended.
The Kimbers were so pleased that they now have backing and support at top level from the main churches in Romania.

Linda Snutch

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