John Bloxham a friend of st peters from Canada

Hello all

I Have spoken a couple of times to a past Church Family member from the other side of the world, John. He seems to be keeping an eye on us here at St Peters, as he regularly checks the web site and was concerned that we hadn’t posted anything for a while, , he wrote


As a long time ago resident of Braunstone (we left for Canada in 1957) I am saddened to find no news of recent events on your website for St Peters, and nothing that I could find about Christmas 2017. I have great memories of Braunstone and hope that there are still good people still carrying on good works through the church there.”
After belaying Johns concerns we were still here, he let us know how he’s getting on.
“Delighted to receive your reply and update on your website.
I played the original organ for the Sunday School when Bill Gibb was the vicar. That’s where I met my first wife June, who was a Sunday School teacher.
Since moving to Canada in ’57 I played the organ at Anglican churches in Edmonton Alberta, Prince Rupert British Columbia, and Powell River British Columbia. In 1981  I moved to the Lutheran Church, was organist there for 37 years. Twelve months ago I joined the United Church Choir in Powell River.
I have four grown children, seven grandchildren, and 5 1/2 great grandchildren, all from my lovely first marriage. Now, for the past six years have again been blessed  with a loving second marriage to Luda, a Russian born lady.
I feel so blessed through the years, but always look back with pleasure at my early years in Braunstone, for they were the building blocks of our future.
Kindest regards to Braunstone and St Peters.”
After reading his latest message that his early years were the building blocks of his future warmed my heart, and that he has been blessed by such a large family and love, i had to share this with you all, its contacts like this that give us meaning. Thank you John if you are reading this and please do keep in touch, as we would like to regard you as a family member who lives just a little bit further, and your welcome with us anytime.
John… Peace of the lord be with you.
P.s. John thank you for your concerns about the Website, and helping kicking me into gear.
Andrew Smith (Deputy Church warden)

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