Website Annual Report 2007 is the address of our church website: it communicates what St. Peter’s is about to the whole world.

We’ve just begun to use it effectively: a couple looking for a place for their wedding came to us through it; some of us have looked at it with our grandchildren; it has appeared in the Mercury and the Alert; and people come to it through other websites as well as through personal recommendation. Also, we’re learning to put the address on every poster, leaflet, letter, and email we send.

People get to view the website and talk about it on some Wednesdays at drop-in and on some Sundays after the service even if they’ve never used a computer before. Some of us are even remembering to give photos, stories, ideas, and comments to the website task group for inclusion on the site itself.

We launched the website at Thanksgiving in October 2006. In November ’06 the website had 168 visitors and in March ’07 we had 213: our efforts are paying off!

The website was started, with money from the Church Urban Fund (CUF), to help St. Peter’s in its mission in Braunstone. Martin Burch takes care of the technical side, and Chris B, Chris F and Linda S are the other members of the task group trying to encourage the rest of us to keep it up-to-date, add new things, and tell others about it. They are also being trained to manage it themselves: the idea is that everyone at St. Peter’s can learn a bit more about the internet while using it to communicate our mission far and wide.

We need everyone to publicise it. We also need everyone to give us photos, stories, ideas, and comments about anything to do with St. Peter’s. We can offer help with writing and spelling, or taking pictures. And we can show the website to anyone without a computer and even print bits out. We can even offer to help you learn about computers and the internet.

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