People at St Boniface (and others)

I have just read the interview with Jack Lippitt. It brought
many memories back of my growing up in Braunstone. I
remember Mr. Gibbs, maybe because I was keen on the vicar’s
I lived in Winforde Crescent but was minded by my grandma
at No.7 Didsbury Street. I noticed that our main place of
worship has not had a mention, St Boniface. Along with my Mam and Dad Amy and Walter Weston, Herbert and Nellie Bateman, Frank and Doris Sheffield and Mrs Bryan were the main stay of the
church.  Pat Bryan who sang along with me went on to become
a nurse. I, for my sins, went on to run the Shoulder of Mutton pub
before it was demolished in order to build the PDSA.
Memories are of Jack Lippitt, Mr Moody and his son our choir
master, Ralph Allett and many faces I can’t put names to.
As a boy scout (60th Leicesters) the first Sunday of the month
we would parade from Avon Road and Balmoral Drive to the
morning service at St. Peters Church.
I now run a coach and bus company.

Ron Weston

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